2014, ca. 186 x 136 cm + projector, Hanji, ink
The work consists of Hanji painted with Korean ink and a projection. The image is based on a digital version of a painting by Theo van Rysselberghe with the title “The Lecture by Emile Verhaeren”. The painting undergoes the classical discipline with the video projection which works as an extension.
Theo van Rysselberghe took positions of Neo-Impressionism including Pointillism. The technique of Pointilism is related to theories of additive color mixture. In 1861 the physicist James Clerk Maxwell showed the first color photography as a visual evidence for the theory of additive color. The additive color system finds its application today in several techniques such as TV sets, mobile devices such as smartphones or projectors. RG and B add up to the desired color, to be split in the eye through the photo receptors and being recomposed in the recipients brain to experience a color effect.